Swords of the Coast

Session 12 (8/23/2015)
  • The exhausted group are approached by the Sheriff of Phandalin and asked to please provide assistance in either putting out fires or recovering people. Althaea and Merni continue looking for bodies together. Althaea proves her strength by moving very heavy objects with ease and carrying 3 bodies out at one time. Merni proves his heroism by removing one small body from a damaged building. Thorin begins running through town putting out fires and rescuing several people all on his own, becoming a true town hero. Shamash disappears and the group is unaware that he is stealing from the homes that were not on fire. He also scared a kid who went running out of his own home in fear of what Shamash might do to him. The group members that did rescue people from the wreckage brought the survivors to Town Hall.
  • Once the group was at Town Hall, they were approached by Taman. They are told they need to get to the castle quickly in order to stop all this madness. The group decides to rest during their travels and leaves right away. They are traveling with another group of Phandalin citizens and Dwarven Deputies that are being lead by Taman as well.
  • The moment the group gets a chance to rest they take advantage and start setting up camp. As Thorin finishes lighting the fire the group begin to converse and pass the time before they set off to sleep. Thorin begins the conversation with where he is from and he talks about all the dwarves he saved from slavery. Althaea interrupts to tell a lame joke about Shamash. Nobody ever said elves were funny. When Thorin is finished sharing his story, Althaea shares her new goal in life. She no longer wants to be in search of her father. She realizes that she may never get a chance to travel where he might be and has grown attached to Merni, feeling like she needs to protect him. She refuses to leave him alone with the group and has decided to instead become so famous that her father will hear about her and he will come and find her. Merni shares a similar goal. He too wants to be famous and he wants his name to be known. Merni and Althaea decided to stick together and help each other get their names out there. Shamash takes this opportunity to express his anger toward Taman.
  • Once the group reaches the castle they are approached by Taman. He asks if they want to go in first or if we want to stay outside and fight the goblins, and other creatures, that are lured out. the group decides they will go in once the goblins have been distracted. Taman asks if the group would like to scout around the castle and see if there are any other ways to get in. Before the group can discuss it, Shamash leaves and the group assumes he is looking for another entrance. the group waits to hear back from Shamash, but fear the worst and proceed with caution.
  • Shamash goes off on his own and finds several different ways to enter the building. He attempts to get Taman’s attention, but when he is unable to he proceeds to use one area that is mostly rubble to enter on his own. He finds a dwarf sleeping in a room containing trophies. Shamash steals the trophies and leaves, with the dwarf still sleeping. As Shamash continues to search the castle for any other treasures he can find, he comes across two goblins and they begin to battle.
  • Taman and the Phandalin civilians lure out as many goblins as they can by having Taman yell out how he is wanted and there is a very handsome reward if he is dead or alive. 3 Goblins begin running toward Taman and the 4th goblin runs inside. The group that was hanging back decide to wait till that goblin comes back out before proceeding inside. The goblin returns with more goblins, hobgoblins, a bugbear and an Owlbear.
  • Althaea and Merni dress up as goblins in hopes that they can fool goblins inside from attacking them. They use Thorin as a prisoner. As they enter with caution they begin noticing a lot of closed doors. They decide to listen at each of them and remain as quiet as they can. Thorin trips a trap and rubble begins to fall and make loud rumbles. Luckily this does not cause any alarm to the remaining creatures inside the castle. The group continues. Althaea listens through a door and hears nothing. She decides to try to enter this room quietly and is successful. There is nothing in the room except some crates and weapons. She sees light coming from a far hallway in the room and continues in that direction with Merni and Thorin right behind her. She listens to the door and hears nothing again. She enters cautiously and the room is empty. As Althaea walks across the room to see what is behind some curtains, a grick falls from the ceiling and the group begins their own battle.
  • Once the grick has been defeated, the group can hear a battle taking place on the other side of the curtains in the room and decided to travel that way. When they open the curtains they see Shamash battling 2 goblins on his own. The group defeat both goblins together and then ask Shamash what he has found. He does not tell them much, but he does inform them that he came across a sleeping dwarf. He informs the group, which direction they should go and the group proceeds.
  • The group wake up a very injured and banged up dwarf who tells them his name is Timin. the group asks if he has seen any other prisoner dwarves in here and what creatures might lie ahead. He informs the group that there is another dwarf in here and that there is a Goblin King, and Orc leader and what seems to be a drow leader. Althaea gives Timin her sword, bread and water. She then asks if he can walk behind them, so they can rescue the other dwarf. He agrees and the group proceeds.
  • Shamash and Thorin remain in the same area and begin having a discussion. It seems as though Thorin is annoyed that Shamash is no longer helping the group. While they are having their discussion, Merni and Althaea come across 2 more Hobgoblins and they begin to ask them something in Goblin. Luckily, they are still in disguise and Althaea quickly says in common that they can’t talk and they need help outside. The Hobgoblins believe her and they go running out.
  • The goblins run into Shamash and Thorin and begin another battle while Althaea and Merni find another door where they hear a woman and a large bugbear inside. They seem to be talking about the battle that is taking place in front of the castle. Althaea tries to open the door quietly and it makes a very loud creaking sound. The room gets quiet and Merni quickly uses his magic to create a noise coming from the other side of the room. Luckily, the bugbear just assumes it’s the battle outside and Althaea and Merni decide they will need to go get more help. As they continue back out of the castle Althaea notices a Hobgoblin attacking Thorin in the room they came from. She shoots an arrow and kills him. Althaea and Merni walk into the room and find Shamash unconscious and Thorin battling another goblin. They defeat this goblin together. Althaea starts rummaging through the pockets of the gobin and Thorin helps Shamash recover. When Shamash wakes up he sees the Althaea counting his money and demands it back. She gives it all back to him.
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Session #11
  • Cael falls back with the Town Master, the Albrek Glass Staff, and the rest of the fire rescued
  • Taman is kicking ass pretty much on his own
  • Sheriff doing OK with all his deputies
  • Merni determines that the moon moving is magic related can can only be done with a powerful spell forge (probably a Heart of Aurora, maybe even the one in Wave Echo Cave)
  • A larger 2nd wave of Drow approach
  • The Drow light more houses on fire
  • A 3rd and final wave of Drow attack (this time lead by a Drow Elite Warrior)
  • The Drow Elite Warrior is kicking ass but Merni freezes his move to 0 ft and he is grappled
  • Taivas take his Magical Drow Ring of Magic Missile
  • On the Drow Elite Warrior the party also find a key that is half Dwarvish and half Gnomish. Also a letter from the Black Spider stating the plans for their recent attack and nextly one at Waterdeep.
  • Then he is taken by Sister Garaele
  • She promises them that they will be handsomely rewarded.
  • She informs the party that Orcs have attacked Neverwinter and Goblins are ambushing on all the major roads
  • Then the moon shifts slightly and with Shamashs calculations the party determines that the shadow has moved southward near Waterdeep.
Session #10 (5/25/15)
  • Just as the Phandalin Sheriff and his deputies arrive at the scene, they witness Thorin beheading Quelline for what seems to be no reason. The sheriff immediately asks Thorin to drop his weapons and he is placed in cuffs.
  • The group is also asked to drop their weapons and hand over all of their possessions, which some of them refuse. Taman complies instantly while Althaea drops her weapons willingly, however does not see a reason to hand over her possessions as well and attempts to run but Ibum catches her and pins her. Shamash puts up a struggle before dropping his weapon, but also refuses to hand over his possessions. Shamash tries to attack but gets poisoned and knocked unconscious. Merni attempts to trick the deputies by creating copies of himself. This trickery does not work and he is caught on the first attempt. Taman vouches for Althaea and Merni and they are able to keep their possessions.
  • While the group is struggling to keep their personal items, Cael meets Taivas and Droop with a very brief introduction. Taivas is attempting to make it back to the group while Cael is just wandering in search of something interesting. Taivas continues traveling with Droop and Cael goes his own way in search of the next meal.
  • While the group is walking in a straight line to the jail cell, where they will be spending the night, Taivas sees them and hurries to find out what is going on. Cael is interested as well and follows along.
  • The Sheriff and fist First Deputy Ibum question Taman, Albrek The Glass Staff and the group. The group learns there will be a trial with the Town Master Harbin Wester in the morning to determine their fate. Cael and Taivas meet at the Tavern to pass the time.
  • Taman suggests that he will be able to get the group out of trouble once he can speak to the Town Master in the morning. Althaea does not trust that Taman will be able to do anything for her and the group and decides to try to get out herself. While she is attempting to pick the lock on her hand cuffs with her silver jeweled comb she receives a mental message from Sister Garaele stating that she will get everybody out in the morning. Knowing that everybody needs to rest after such a big battle, Althaea decides to rest and trust in Sister Garaele.
  • At night the entire party have their own nightmares and awake feeling worried at the same time.
  • Taman is unable to persuade the Town Master in the morning to free the group. Sister Garaele walks in and speaks with the Town Master in private. Moments later Harbin Wester frees them with his apologies.
  • Sister Garaele asks Althaea to bring the group to her for a discussion regarding the Drow. Sister Garaele shares that the Drow are planning an attack and the group needs to help quickly.
  • The group quickly runs through town gearing up and buying potions. While Althaea was traveling to Barthen’s Provisions, she turns to see Droop following her. Droop confused Althaea for Taivas and states that they both look the same from behind. Althaea walks into the shop ignoring Droop. However, the store keeper informs her that she will be responsible for any damages that may occur by the goblin. The moment Droop causes damage Althaea asks him to pay for what he has done, which he refuses and states that Taivas never makes him pay for anything. Eventually, Droop reluctantly hands over the gold to pay for his damages. Althaea continues to make her purchase and Droop interrupts and asks to buy black paint, which he then pours all over Althaea. Droop has caused the last of his mischief. When Taivas and Merni see what is going on they send Droop on an epic adventure for loot and treasure in hopes that they will never see him again.
  • While finishing up in the shops Althaea is hit with a sickly feeling, which is quickly followed by an earthquake. The moon covers the sun and the Drow come charging into town attacking.
  • While the Drow are attacking they light two buildings on fire. Althaea rescued Albrek The Glass Staff from the jail cell and another person from Townmaster’s Hall. She also killed off one of the attacking drow.
  • During the battle, Cael sat back and ate some blueberries. He was very generous and shared with Merni, who was very grateful to have some blueberries as well. Cael also rescued the Town Master from a fire in Town Hall. Merni quickly finishes his blueberries and continues battling the drow. He successfully kills one with magic missiles.
  • While fighting a Drow, Shamash is knocked unconscious, but is quickly revived by Taivas. Thorin is also knocked unconscious, but Taivas has not made it to revive him yet.
  • The party was able to defeat all three Drow Scouts after a few injuries.
Session #9 (2/8/15)
  • Shortly after Qelline discovered that her son was dead, she retreated back in hysterics. Merni asked Taman what was to be done with the Glass Staff, but before the conversation could truly start, several machinations erupted from the building, with Qelline at the head. The elderly gnome began turning the robots against the party in an attack.
  • Althaea and Merni tried to persuade Qelline to stop the attack, but she could not be convinced to stop. Thorin threatened to end her life if she continued.
  • The Glass Staff attempted to convince Merni to let him go so that he could assist, and then later share his arcane knowledge. The gnome wizard did not believe him, and found both the Glass Staff’s wizardry book and quarterstaff, and stored them both in his Bag of Holding.
  • The battle continued, and the evil wizard eventually broke free of his bonds and tried to tackle Merni to the ground, but failed. They were both knocked out: a robot KOed the gnome and Shamash snuck in and slashed at the Glass Staff.
  • Eventually Merni was revived with a potion and broke the Glass Staff‘s hands, and Qelline was KOed by one of Althaea’s arrows. While Taman ran over to the Glass Staff to revive him, Thorin rushed over to Qelline and decapitated her just as the Phandalin sheriff and his deputies arrived at the scene.
Session #8 (1/11/15)
  • The party finally reached Phandalin, where they found both Harbin Wester, the current town master of town, and Halia Thornton, the owner of the Miner’s Exchange, having a heated argument in public. Halia was challenging Harbin‘s competence in office, as well as how he failed to act against the Redbrand’s violence. Harbin retreated to town hall in time, where the group met with him to discuss payment for the wiping the orc camps out. Harbin explained that the town was in debt and so he could not pay as much as promised, to which Merni charmed him into giving the group all of his gold.
  • The group then went off of their own business. Shamash met with Halia to see if his poison order came in, and was propositioned by her to plant false evidence on her political rival in exchange for free wyvern venom. Shamash accepted her terms, but then proceeded to show Harbin the false evidence, thus alerting him of the danger. The Dragonborn then returned to the Miner’s Exchange and collected his poison.
  • Merni met with the gnomes Qelline and Carp, and learned that his parting gift (a mechanical badge) can also turn itself into a dagger and a key, although Merni could not find what the key fit into. Carp then told Merni about some strange figures he’s been spotting off in the woods, and the wizard identified them as drow. He alerted the rest of the party when they arrived at the barn, and they began taking watch until dinnertime.
  • During the night, the drow attacked the barn. After a few rounds of combat, the Glass Staff emerged and joined in the battle, setting off a fireball attack which started to burn the farm down. While Althaea, Taivas, Shamash, and Thorin battled drow, Merni fought against the Glass Staff and eventually took him down with the help of the elf cleric’s spiritual weapon. Though the drow and Glass Staff himself were arrested or dispatched, the party was unable to reach Carp in time to save him, who was cut down by one of the dark elves. Qelline was held back from looking at the corpse of her young boy while Thorin began to take him away from the burning barn to be properly buried.
  • Taivas and Droop took a drow raider captive with them on their trip back to the Feywild, and Taman brought the Glass Staff into custody to await trial.
Session #7 (1/4/15)
  • Before exiting the forest, the party was found by Taivas, the Eladrin who assisted them in their attack on the Redbrand hideout. He explained that his exposure to the world outside the Feywild enticed him, and they agreed to allow the cleric to travel with them for a while. They explained that they would be breaking up an orc camp that threatened the nearby villages. Along with Taivas was the goblin he had rescued from the hideout, who called himself Droop and was equipped with some weapons and nice clothing.
  • After some travel, the group came upon a small camp, consisting of a handful of warrior orcs. Thorin was able to overhear the word ‘Lyra’ used in the orc’s conversation, and Merni was able to identify that as a deity associated with pain. Deciding it was best to deal as much surprise damage as possible, the gnome wizard used his Scroll of Fireball to send a blast of flames down on the unsuspecting orcs, instantly killing two of them. Before the other two orcs could reach them, the group managed to slay them from a distance. The group continued on their march.
  • Eventually the orc camp was in sight. They could see it was manned by four warrior orcs, and that they had an ogre in chains as well as several goblins, all of which were busying themselves with manual labor. Merni decided to magically disguise himself as an orc to get close to the camp after Droop pleaded that they rescue the enslaved goblins. Using Thorin’s chains, the disguised gnome shackled up the goblin and approached the camp. Their plan was to free the goblins and encourage them to fight alongside the group. When they got close enough, Droop identified the working goblins as part of the Cragmaw clan, and exposed his teeth to show that they once tried to get him to conform. “Kill them,” he said. With this new information, Merni decided it was a good idea to head back to the group and re-think their plan.
  • Shamash decided to go off alone before Merni and Droop decided on their mission. The Dragonborn was able to get close enough to see that one particular orc was leading the rest, and that the ogre they had chained up was badly wounded. Shamash eventually spotted Merni in disguise, as well as Droop who was in chains. He thought they were acting peculiar so he followed them until they bumped into one another in the dark as Merni and Droop were heading back to the group. Quickly showing the Dragonborn that he had a squirrel companion with him, Red Tail, Merni told Shamash all that he knew, and they decided that perhaps they could try to free the ogre instead, since he obviously resented its captors.
  • Once the group was situated close enough, Merni snuck behind a wall with Droop and asked the goblin to create a diversion. The goblin ran across the entrance to the camp, cursing and yelling, causing several of the orcs to follow. After the group began sniping at the closest orc with ranged weapons, the gnome, still in disguise, used his minor illusion to call out to the ogre. However, the ogre could not respond right away since he was being prodded by Axebiter, the lead orc in the camp. Red Tail headed out to wave the ogre closer, but it decided the squirrel would be a nice meal instead and rushed over, just missing Red Tail with his bite attack.
  • Eventually the fight was brought out in the open, and Axebiter was one of the last remaining orcs who was dispatched by Thorin’s club. Raiding the camp, each member of the group found something special: Althaea found magic gloves that would help her archery. Shamash found elven boots made for stealth. Taivas found a staff of healing, and both Thorin and Merni found bags of holding. The wizard also found a pearl of power for his spell slots, and the barbarian found a magic shield. After lobbing off the orc’s heads and putting them in bangs of holding, the group divvied up the gold and started to head back towards Phandalin.
  • Along the way the group was ambushed by hobgoblins, but they enemies were slain in time.
Session #6 (12/14/14)
  • The party finally reached Conyberry and explored the area, learning that there is simply no living thing around the area. They set up camp, rested, and prepared to enter the woods and meet with Agatha the next day. The next morning, Scribbles was missing but later met with Merni once the group entered the forest.
  • After walking through the forest for a time, the group came upon some marshland and got ambushed by a packs of gnolls. They battled and won the fight, and soon came upon a portion of the forest that was marked by posts and a sign with Elvish written across it. Althaea translated for the rest of the group that they were stepping into the banshee’s territory. Althaea called for Agatha in Elvish and the banshee appeared to the group, and each member of the group offered a trinket or other special item to her. The banshee told the group that the spellbook the group hunted for was given away to a necromancer 100 years ago, she does not know where Sildar is currently located, and gives the group some information as to where they may find Cragmaw Castle. Before leaving, she also warns the group that there have been Drow entering the woods lately.
  • On their way out of the woods, the party spots several Drow crouched by the mounts they had tied up before entering Agatha‘s territory. Merni and Althaea drank their Potions of Invisibility and snuck over to the mounts and untied them. The duo meant to divert the Drow’s attention and meet up with Thorin and Shamash back at Conyberry. While the elf and gnome escaped, the dwarf and dragonborn failed to sneak away from the Drow and were captured.
  • After waiting for a while at Conyberry, Merni and Althaea worried for their friends, and the gnome wizard used a Scroll of Augury to learn where they may be. He learned that they were captured by Drow and the two of them decided to use their magic and proficiency in disguise to masquerade as Drow to break them free. Once they got close to the camp, Merni asked Scribbles to sneak into the camp to return with any information. However, the squirrel did not return to him, and so Merni and Althaea decided to try and bluff their way through to get to their friends.
  • Scribbles revealed himself to be a traitor, as he pointed them out to the Drow, forcing them to get into a fight. Halfway through the battle, Thorin managed to break free of his bonds and kill Scribbles, who was knocked unconscious by Merni’s magic missiles. It was then revealed that the squirrel was actually the Glass Staff’s pet rat in disguise. Before the last Drow was killed, a swarm of squirrels overtook the camp and broke Shamash free, and the leader spoke to Merni as they had met before when on the road to Cragmaw Cave. The squirrel leader then introduced his eldest son, who wished to travel with the party as Merni’s companion. He was named Redtail, and the group thanked the squirrels before turning to leave the forest.
Session #5 (12/7/14)
  • Upon reaching the second floor of the manor, Merni, Thorin and Althaea were able to see the Sleeping Giant Tavern engulfed in flames. From the looks of it, the townspeople of Phandalin revolted against the Redbrands while the party overtook their secret hideout, disbanding the gang once and for all. A document written by the Black Spider was also found, with information that seemed to suggest that Taman’s associate was Glass Staff, the wizard working alongside the Redbrands.
  • Thorin found a hidden treasure chest which, apart from containing riches, a longsword. After studying its surface, the group found it to have magical properties, allowing it to strike easier and harder than regular blades. Althaea, being the only one proficient in longswords, took the weapon for herself.
  • The party decided to travel towards Conyberry to investigate the stories about a banshee named Agatha, while Taman mentioned he’d travel towards Thundertree to learn more about Cragmaw Castle, the goblin-infested location where Sildar may be kept. The party agreed to meet up in Phandalin in a few days time to discuss further plans.
  • The party stayed at the farmhouse with Qelline and Carp as their hosts again. During their stay, Shamash snuck out and interrogated Halia Thornton of the Miner’s Exchange and put in a request for poison vials to be delivered to Phandalin. Upon returning, Merni cast a Charm Person spell on the Dragonborn to test his newly-learned magical ability and succeeded, although this knowledge enraged Shamash after the spell’s effects wore off.
  • After haggling for a horse and pony to rent for their trip towards Copenberry, Merni was approached by a friendly gray squirrel. After speaking with the small beast, the gnome recruited the squirrel as a traveling companion and named him Scribbles. The group was assaulted by an ogre after the first day of travel. A battle ensued, and the ogre was slain and the group needed to stop their trek to recover their wounds.
  • On their next day of travel, the ground encountered a pack of wolves but managed to kill the beasts. They were later ambushed by nine Goblins but managed to get away without a confrontation after paying them a hefty amount of gold. Just hours before reaching Conyberry, the group saw the town in the distance, reduced to ruins. Another ogre rushed to the group for a fight and died. Thorin took the ogre’s club, believing it to be an improvement from the club he previously had with him.
Session #4 (11/29/14)
  • After defeating the Redbrands in the center of town, the party had gathered a large crowd of cheering fans, as well as the attention of the sheriff of Phandalin. The group explained how the fight broke out and Flint Ironfist, a Dwarf Fighter, was charged with the duty of sticking with the party for the time being. Merni then led the group to the gnome farm as he originally intended.
  • There was much drinking and eating as the night went on. Eventually a High Elf visited the group, asking to speak with Althaea. The High Elf did not reveal his name, but questioned Althaea for any information regarding Ethereal or Abyssal magic. After some thought, the High Elf revealed himself as Taivas, a Cleric who is searching for a High Elf female. Althought nobody knew of her whereabouts, Taivas decided to travel with the group for a time. They all were invited to spend the night sleeping in the barn next to the farmhouse.
  • A pair of Redbrands visited the barn the following morning. The two elves of the party sensed their presence, and got most of the group to wake up in time to launch a surprise attack against them. After the two Redbrands were killed, one of the gnomes led the group to a secret passage leading to the Redbrand hideout. The group decided that they would flush the hideout out, but Flint left to get reinforcements.
  • Upon entering the underground entrance, the party met two cyclopean creatures called Nothics. The Nothics played tricks on their minds and revealed that the Redbrands feed them flesh. As the creatures got closer, the group decided they must attack or be attacked themselves. The Nothics launched psychic battles with their minds, but the party eventually killed them both, though they were still harmed, even after Taivas’ healing.
  • The group then found a room where they heard the sounds of several large humanoids bullying a smaller one. They identified the smaller voice to belong to a Goblin. Merni and Taivas used their cantrips to create the impression that a dragon had awoken in the cave, and several Bugbears began to flee the room in surprise. The party was not expecting to start such a fight, and they began retreating while flinging ranged attacks at the surprised Bugbears. Eventually, though, Flint returned with Taman and the sheriff and together they killed off the rest of the Bugbears.
  • The group then decided to split up and search the cave. Shamash and Merni discovered a wizard’s alchemy room, where a rat communicated to Merni that the Redbrands conduct slave trades down below. Althaea and Taman found and defeated more Redbrands, and Thorin discovered a jail cell. Taivas befriended the abused Goblin and the Goblin led him to the jail cell as well, where he found the High Elf he had been searching for. She was to be sold to the Drow known as the Black Spider. Taivas vowed to return after safety bringing his companion back to the Feywild.

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