Swords of the Coast

Session #10 (5/25/15)

  • Just as the Phandalin Sheriff and his deputies arrive at the scene, they witness Thorin beheading Quelline for what seems to be no reason. The sheriff immediately asks Thorin to drop his weapons and he is placed in cuffs.
  • The group is also asked to drop their weapons and hand over all of their possessions, which some of them refuse. Taman complies instantly while Althaea drops her weapons willingly, however does not see a reason to hand over her possessions as well and attempts to run but Ibum catches her and pins her. Shamash puts up a struggle before dropping his weapon, but also refuses to hand over his possessions. Shamash tries to attack but gets poisoned and knocked unconscious. Merni attempts to trick the deputies by creating copies of himself. This trickery does not work and he is caught on the first attempt. Taman vouches for Althaea and Merni and they are able to keep their possessions.
  • While the group is struggling to keep their personal items, Cael meets Taivas and Droop with a very brief introduction. Taivas is attempting to make it back to the group while Cael is just wandering in search of something interesting. Taivas continues traveling with Droop and Cael goes his own way in search of the next meal.
  • While the group is walking in a straight line to the jail cell, where they will be spending the night, Taivas sees them and hurries to find out what is going on. Cael is interested as well and follows along.
  • The Sheriff and fist First Deputy Ibum question Taman, Albrek The Glass Staff and the group. The group learns there will be a trial with the Town Master Harbin Wester in the morning to determine their fate. Cael and Taivas meet at the Tavern to pass the time.
  • Taman suggests that he will be able to get the group out of trouble once he can speak to the Town Master in the morning. Althaea does not trust that Taman will be able to do anything for her and the group and decides to try to get out herself. While she is attempting to pick the lock on her hand cuffs with her silver jeweled comb she receives a mental message from Sister Garaele stating that she will get everybody out in the morning. Knowing that everybody needs to rest after such a big battle, Althaea decides to rest and trust in Sister Garaele.
  • At night the entire party have their own nightmares and awake feeling worried at the same time.
  • Taman is unable to persuade the Town Master in the morning to free the group. Sister Garaele walks in and speaks with the Town Master in private. Moments later Harbin Wester frees them with his apologies.
  • Sister Garaele asks Althaea to bring the group to her for a discussion regarding the Drow. Sister Garaele shares that the Drow are planning an attack and the group needs to help quickly.
  • The group quickly runs through town gearing up and buying potions. While Althaea was traveling to Barthen’s Provisions, she turns to see Droop following her. Droop confused Althaea for Taivas and states that they both look the same from behind. Althaea walks into the shop ignoring Droop. However, the store keeper informs her that she will be responsible for any damages that may occur by the goblin. The moment Droop causes damage Althaea asks him to pay for what he has done, which he refuses and states that Taivas never makes him pay for anything. Eventually, Droop reluctantly hands over the gold to pay for his damages. Althaea continues to make her purchase and Droop interrupts and asks to buy black paint, which he then pours all over Althaea. Droop has caused the last of his mischief. When Taivas and Merni see what is going on they send Droop on an epic adventure for loot and treasure in hopes that they will never see him again.
  • While finishing up in the shops Althaea is hit with a sickly feeling, which is quickly followed by an earthquake. The moon covers the sun and the Drow come charging into town attacking.
  • While the Drow are attacking they light two buildings on fire. Althaea rescued Albrek The Glass Staff from the jail cell and another person from Townmaster’s Hall. She also killed off one of the attacking drow.
  • During the battle, Cael sat back and ate some blueberries. He was very generous and shared with Merni, who was very grateful to have some blueberries as well. Cael also rescued the Town Master from a fire in Town Hall. Merni quickly finishes his blueberries and continues battling the drow. He successfully kills one with magic missiles.
  • While fighting a Drow, Shamash is knocked unconscious, but is quickly revived by Taivas. Thorin is also knocked unconscious, but Taivas has not made it to revive him yet.
  • The party was able to defeat all three Drow Scouts after a few injuries.


I’m glad you documented the part about all the blueberries.

Session #10 (5/25/15)

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