Swords of the Coast

Session 12 (8/23/2015)

  • The exhausted group are approached by the Sheriff of Phandalin and asked to please provide assistance in either putting out fires or recovering people. Althaea and Merni continue looking for bodies together. Althaea proves her strength by moving very heavy objects with ease and carrying 3 bodies out at one time. Merni proves his heroism by removing one small body from a damaged building. Thorin begins running through town putting out fires and rescuing several people all on his own, becoming a true town hero. Shamash disappears and the group is unaware that he is stealing from the homes that were not on fire. He also scared a kid who went running out of his own home in fear of what Shamash might do to him. The group members that did rescue people from the wreckage brought the survivors to Town Hall.
  • Once the group was at Town Hall, they were approached by Taman. They are told they need to get to the castle quickly in order to stop all this madness. The group decides to rest during their travels and leaves right away. They are traveling with another group of Phandalin citizens and Dwarven Deputies that are being lead by Taman as well.
  • The moment the group gets a chance to rest they take advantage and start setting up camp. As Thorin finishes lighting the fire the group begin to converse and pass the time before they set off to sleep. Thorin begins the conversation with where he is from and he talks about all the dwarves he saved from slavery. Althaea interrupts to tell a lame joke about Shamash. Nobody ever said elves were funny. When Thorin is finished sharing his story, Althaea shares her new goal in life. She no longer wants to be in search of her father. She realizes that she may never get a chance to travel where he might be and has grown attached to Merni, feeling like she needs to protect him. She refuses to leave him alone with the group and has decided to instead become so famous that her father will hear about her and he will come and find her. Merni shares a similar goal. He too wants to be famous and he wants his name to be known. Merni and Althaea decided to stick together and help each other get their names out there. Shamash takes this opportunity to express his anger toward Taman.
  • Once the group reaches the castle they are approached by Taman. He asks if they want to go in first or if we want to stay outside and fight the goblins, and other creatures, that are lured out. the group decides they will go in once the goblins have been distracted. Taman asks if the group would like to scout around the castle and see if there are any other ways to get in. Before the group can discuss it, Shamash leaves and the group assumes he is looking for another entrance. the group waits to hear back from Shamash, but fear the worst and proceed with caution.
  • Shamash goes off on his own and finds several different ways to enter the building. He attempts to get Taman’s attention, but when he is unable to he proceeds to use one area that is mostly rubble to enter on his own. He finds a dwarf sleeping in a room containing trophies. Shamash steals the trophies and leaves, with the dwarf still sleeping. As Shamash continues to search the castle for any other treasures he can find, he comes across two goblins and they begin to battle.
  • Taman and the Phandalin civilians lure out as many goblins as they can by having Taman yell out how he is wanted and there is a very handsome reward if he is dead or alive. 3 Goblins begin running toward Taman and the 4th goblin runs inside. The group that was hanging back decide to wait till that goblin comes back out before proceeding inside. The goblin returns with more goblins, hobgoblins, a bugbear and an Owlbear.
  • Althaea and Merni dress up as goblins in hopes that they can fool goblins inside from attacking them. They use Thorin as a prisoner. As they enter with caution they begin noticing a lot of closed doors. They decide to listen at each of them and remain as quiet as they can. Thorin trips a trap and rubble begins to fall and make loud rumbles. Luckily this does not cause any alarm to the remaining creatures inside the castle. The group continues. Althaea listens through a door and hears nothing. She decides to try to enter this room quietly and is successful. There is nothing in the room except some crates and weapons. She sees light coming from a far hallway in the room and continues in that direction with Merni and Thorin right behind her. She listens to the door and hears nothing again. She enters cautiously and the room is empty. As Althaea walks across the room to see what is behind some curtains, a grick falls from the ceiling and the group begins their own battle.
  • Once the grick has been defeated, the group can hear a battle taking place on the other side of the curtains in the room and decided to travel that way. When they open the curtains they see Shamash battling 2 goblins on his own. The group defeat both goblins together and then ask Shamash what he has found. He does not tell them much, but he does inform them that he came across a sleeping dwarf. He informs the group, which direction they should go and the group proceeds.
  • The group wake up a very injured and banged up dwarf who tells them his name is Timin. the group asks if he has seen any other prisoner dwarves in here and what creatures might lie ahead. He informs the group that there is another dwarf in here and that there is a Goblin King, and Orc leader and what seems to be a drow leader. Althaea gives Timin her sword, bread and water. She then asks if he can walk behind them, so they can rescue the other dwarf. He agrees and the group proceeds.
  • Shamash and Thorin remain in the same area and begin having a discussion. It seems as though Thorin is annoyed that Shamash is no longer helping the group. While they are having their discussion, Merni and Althaea come across 2 more Hobgoblins and they begin to ask them something in Goblin. Luckily, they are still in disguise and Althaea quickly says in common that they can’t talk and they need help outside. The Hobgoblins believe her and they go running out.
  • The goblins run into Shamash and Thorin and begin another battle while Althaea and Merni find another door where they hear a woman and a large bugbear inside. They seem to be talking about the battle that is taking place in front of the castle. Althaea tries to open the door quietly and it makes a very loud creaking sound. The room gets quiet and Merni quickly uses his magic to create a noise coming from the other side of the room. Luckily, the bugbear just assumes it’s the battle outside and Althaea and Merni decide they will need to go get more help. As they continue back out of the castle Althaea notices a Hobgoblin attacking Thorin in the room they came from. She shoots an arrow and kills him. Althaea and Merni walk into the room and find Shamash unconscious and Thorin battling another goblin. They defeat this goblin together. Althaea starts rummaging through the pockets of the gobin and Thorin helps Shamash recover. When Shamash wakes up he sees the Althaea counting his money and demands it back. She gives it all back to him.


Nobody said elves were funny.

Session 12 (8/23/2015)

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