Swords of the Coast

Session #4 (11/29/14)

  • After defeating the Redbrands in the center of town, the party had gathered a large crowd of cheering fans, as well as the attention of the sheriff of Phandalin. The group explained how the fight broke out and Flint Ironfist, a Dwarf Fighter, was charged with the duty of sticking with the party for the time being. Merni then led the group to the gnome farm as he originally intended.
  • There was much drinking and eating as the night went on. Eventually a High Elf visited the group, asking to speak with Althaea. The High Elf did not reveal his name, but questioned Althaea for any information regarding Ethereal or Abyssal magic. After some thought, the High Elf revealed himself as Taivas, a Cleric who is searching for a High Elf female. Althought nobody knew of her whereabouts, Taivas decided to travel with the group for a time. They all were invited to spend the night sleeping in the barn next to the farmhouse.
  • A pair of Redbrands visited the barn the following morning. The two elves of the party sensed their presence, and got most of the group to wake up in time to launch a surprise attack against them. After the two Redbrands were killed, one of the gnomes led the group to a secret passage leading to the Redbrand hideout. The group decided that they would flush the hideout out, but Flint left to get reinforcements.
  • Upon entering the underground entrance, the party met two cyclopean creatures called Nothics. The Nothics played tricks on their minds and revealed that the Redbrands feed them flesh. As the creatures got closer, the group decided they must attack or be attacked themselves. The Nothics launched psychic battles with their minds, but the party eventually killed them both, though they were still harmed, even after Taivas’ healing.
  • The group then found a room where they heard the sounds of several large humanoids bullying a smaller one. They identified the smaller voice to belong to a Goblin. Merni and Taivas used their cantrips to create the impression that a dragon had awoken in the cave, and several Bugbears began to flee the room in surprise. The party was not expecting to start such a fight, and they began retreating while flinging ranged attacks at the surprised Bugbears. Eventually, though, Flint returned with Taman and the sheriff and together they killed off the rest of the Bugbears.
  • The group then decided to split up and search the cave. Shamash and Merni discovered a wizard’s alchemy room, where a rat communicated to Merni that the Redbrands conduct slave trades down below. Althaea and Taman found and defeated more Redbrands, and Thorin discovered a jail cell. Taivas befriended the abused Goblin and the Goblin led him to the jail cell as well, where he found the High Elf he had been searching for. She was to be sold to the Drow known as the Black Spider. Taivas vowed to return after safety bringing his companion back to the Feywild.



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