Swords of the Coast

Session #5 (12/7/14)

  • Upon reaching the second floor of the manor, Merni, Thorin and Althaea were able to see the Sleeping Giant Tavern engulfed in flames. From the looks of it, the townspeople of Phandalin revolted against the Redbrands while the party overtook their secret hideout, disbanding the gang once and for all. A document written by the Black Spider was also found, with information that seemed to suggest that Taman’s associate was Glass Staff, the wizard working alongside the Redbrands.
  • Thorin found a hidden treasure chest which, apart from containing riches, a longsword. After studying its surface, the group found it to have magical properties, allowing it to strike easier and harder than regular blades. Althaea, being the only one proficient in longswords, took the weapon for herself.
  • The party decided to travel towards Conyberry to investigate the stories about a banshee named Agatha, while Taman mentioned he’d travel towards Thundertree to learn more about Cragmaw Castle, the goblin-infested location where Sildar may be kept. The party agreed to meet up in Phandalin in a few days time to discuss further plans.
  • The party stayed at the farmhouse with Qelline and Carp as their hosts again. During their stay, Shamash snuck out and interrogated Halia Thornton of the Miner’s Exchange and put in a request for poison vials to be delivered to Phandalin. Upon returning, Merni cast a Charm Person spell on the Dragonborn to test his newly-learned magical ability and succeeded, although this knowledge enraged Shamash after the spell’s effects wore off.
  • After haggling for a horse and pony to rent for their trip towards Copenberry, Merni was approached by a friendly gray squirrel. After speaking with the small beast, the gnome recruited the squirrel as a traveling companion and named him Scribbles. The group was assaulted by an ogre after the first day of travel. A battle ensued, and the ogre was slain and the group needed to stop their trek to recover their wounds.
  • On their next day of travel, the ground encountered a pack of wolves but managed to kill the beasts. They were later ambushed by nine Goblins but managed to get away without a confrontation after paying them a hefty amount of gold. Just hours before reaching Conyberry, the group saw the town in the distance, reduced to ruins. Another ogre rushed to the group for a fight and died. Thorin took the ogre’s club, believing it to be an improvement from the club he previously had with him.


Great work as always!

Session #5 (12/7/14)

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