Swords of the Coast

Session #7 (1/4/15)

  • Before exiting the forest, the party was found by Taivas, the Eladrin who assisted them in their attack on the Redbrand hideout. He explained that his exposure to the world outside the Feywild enticed him, and they agreed to allow the cleric to travel with them for a while. They explained that they would be breaking up an orc camp that threatened the nearby villages. Along with Taivas was the goblin he had rescued from the hideout, who called himself Droop and was equipped with some weapons and nice clothing.
  • After some travel, the group came upon a small camp, consisting of a handful of warrior orcs. Thorin was able to overhear the word ‘Lyra’ used in the orc’s conversation, and Merni was able to identify that as a deity associated with pain. Deciding it was best to deal as much surprise damage as possible, the gnome wizard used his Scroll of Fireball to send a blast of flames down on the unsuspecting orcs, instantly killing two of them. Before the other two orcs could reach them, the group managed to slay them from a distance. The group continued on their march.
  • Eventually the orc camp was in sight. They could see it was manned by four warrior orcs, and that they had an ogre in chains as well as several goblins, all of which were busying themselves with manual labor. Merni decided to magically disguise himself as an orc to get close to the camp after Droop pleaded that they rescue the enslaved goblins. Using Thorin’s chains, the disguised gnome shackled up the goblin and approached the camp. Their plan was to free the goblins and encourage them to fight alongside the group. When they got close enough, Droop identified the working goblins as part of the Cragmaw clan, and exposed his teeth to show that they once tried to get him to conform. “Kill them,” he said. With this new information, Merni decided it was a good idea to head back to the group and re-think their plan.
  • Shamash decided to go off alone before Merni and Droop decided on their mission. The Dragonborn was able to get close enough to see that one particular orc was leading the rest, and that the ogre they had chained up was badly wounded. Shamash eventually spotted Merni in disguise, as well as Droop who was in chains. He thought they were acting peculiar so he followed them until they bumped into one another in the dark as Merni and Droop were heading back to the group. Quickly showing the Dragonborn that he had a squirrel companion with him, Red Tail, Merni told Shamash all that he knew, and they decided that perhaps they could try to free the ogre instead, since he obviously resented its captors.
  • Once the group was situated close enough, Merni snuck behind a wall with Droop and asked the goblin to create a diversion. The goblin ran across the entrance to the camp, cursing and yelling, causing several of the orcs to follow. After the group began sniping at the closest orc with ranged weapons, the gnome, still in disguise, used his minor illusion to call out to the ogre. However, the ogre could not respond right away since he was being prodded by Axebiter, the lead orc in the camp. Red Tail headed out to wave the ogre closer, but it decided the squirrel would be a nice meal instead and rushed over, just missing Red Tail with his bite attack.
  • Eventually the fight was brought out in the open, and Axebiter was one of the last remaining orcs who was dispatched by Thorin’s club. Raiding the camp, each member of the group found something special: Althaea found magic gloves that would help her archery. Shamash found elven boots made for stealth. Taivas found a staff of healing, and both Thorin and Merni found bags of holding. The wizard also found a pearl of power for his spell slots, and the barbarian found a magic shield. After lobbing off the orc’s heads and putting them in bangs of holding, the group divvied up the gold and started to head back towards Phandalin.
  • Along the way the group was ambushed by hobgoblins, but they enemies were slain in time.



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