Swords of the Coast

Session #1 (11/09/14)

Caravan Escort to Phandalin

  • The party was interviewed by Sildar Hillwinter for a caravan escort mission, from Neverwinter to Phandalin. All were hired and their condition of payment discussed in private. The party met Taman Hallwinter.
  • Althaea and Merni met and spoke with Dinkledge and discussed potionmaking. They learned that Dinkledge is “working on some original potions of his own.” With the help of Merni, Shamash stole a Potion of Healing from “Dink’s”. Only Thorin, Dinkledge and Sildar are unaware of the theft.
  • On the last day of travel, the party discovered two slain horses on the road. Althaea identified the horses to be Taman’s (Asheaba) and Sildar’s. The group was subsequently ambushed by four Goblins. During the battle, Shamash consumed the stolen Potion of Healing.
  • After slaying the Goblins, Merni looted their bodies and found a Map which marks towards Cragmaw Cave. A path that extends away from the road is discovered, along with drag marks. Before traveling down the hidden path to look for their employers, the party rested 4 hours for Althaea to naturally heal her wounds and Merni to recover a spent spell slot.



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