Swords of the Coast

Session #6 (12/14/14)

  • The party finally reached Conyberry and explored the area, learning that there is simply no living thing around the area. They set up camp, rested, and prepared to enter the woods and meet with Agatha the next day. The next morning, Scribbles was missing but later met with Merni once the group entered the forest.
  • After walking through the forest for a time, the group came upon some marshland and got ambushed by a packs of gnolls. They battled and won the fight, and soon came upon a portion of the forest that was marked by posts and a sign with Elvish written across it. Althaea translated for the rest of the group that they were stepping into the banshee’s territory. Althaea called for Agatha in Elvish and the banshee appeared to the group, and each member of the group offered a trinket or other special item to her. The banshee told the group that the spellbook the group hunted for was given away to a necromancer 100 years ago, she does not know where Sildar is currently located, and gives the group some information as to where they may find Cragmaw Castle. Before leaving, she also warns the group that there have been Drow entering the woods lately.
  • On their way out of the woods, the party spots several Drow crouched by the mounts they had tied up before entering Agatha‘s territory. Merni and Althaea drank their Potions of Invisibility and snuck over to the mounts and untied them. The duo meant to divert the Drow’s attention and meet up with Thorin and Shamash back at Conyberry. While the elf and gnome escaped, the dwarf and dragonborn failed to sneak away from the Drow and were captured.
  • After waiting for a while at Conyberry, Merni and Althaea worried for their friends, and the gnome wizard used a Scroll of Augury to learn where they may be. He learned that they were captured by Drow and the two of them decided to use their magic and proficiency in disguise to masquerade as Drow to break them free. Once they got close to the camp, Merni asked Scribbles to sneak into the camp to return with any information. However, the squirrel did not return to him, and so Merni and Althaea decided to try and bluff their way through to get to their friends.
  • Scribbles revealed himself to be a traitor, as he pointed them out to the Drow, forcing them to get into a fight. Halfway through the battle, Thorin managed to break free of his bonds and kill Scribbles, who was knocked unconscious by Merni’s magic missiles. It was then revealed that the squirrel was actually the Glass Staff’s pet rat in disguise. Before the last Drow was killed, a swarm of squirrels overtook the camp and broke Shamash free, and the leader spoke to Merni as they had met before when on the road to Cragmaw Cave. The squirrel leader then introduced his eldest son, who wished to travel with the party as Merni’s companion. He was named Redtail, and the group thanked the squirrels before turning to leave the forest.


Great work!
For people asking how to get more XP for interacting on the website: Under each Adventure Log you can submit a quick recap of the session from your characters point of view. It can be short and simple and just describe what your character saw or thought as the session progressed.

Session #6 (12/14/14)

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