Swords of the Coast

Session #8 (1/11/15)

  • The party finally reached Phandalin, where they found both Harbin Wester, the current town master of town, and Halia Thornton, the owner of the Miner’s Exchange, having a heated argument in public. Halia was challenging Harbin‘s competence in office, as well as how he failed to act against the Redbrand’s violence. Harbin retreated to town hall in time, where the group met with him to discuss payment for the wiping the orc camps out. Harbin explained that the town was in debt and so he could not pay as much as promised, to which Merni charmed him into giving the group all of his gold.
  • The group then went off of their own business. Shamash met with Halia to see if his poison order came in, and was propositioned by her to plant false evidence on her political rival in exchange for free wyvern venom. Shamash accepted her terms, but then proceeded to show Harbin the false evidence, thus alerting him of the danger. The Dragonborn then returned to the Miner’s Exchange and collected his poison.
  • Merni met with the gnomes Qelline and Carp, and learned that his parting gift (a mechanical badge) can also turn itself into a dagger and a key, although Merni could not find what the key fit into. Carp then told Merni about some strange figures he’s been spotting off in the woods, and the wizard identified them as drow. He alerted the rest of the party when they arrived at the barn, and they began taking watch until dinnertime.
  • During the night, the drow attacked the barn. After a few rounds of combat, the Glass Staff emerged and joined in the battle, setting off a fireball attack which started to burn the farm down. While Althaea, Taivas, Shamash, and Thorin battled drow, Merni fought against the Glass Staff and eventually took him down with the help of the elf cleric’s spiritual weapon. Though the drow and Glass Staff himself were arrested or dispatched, the party was unable to reach Carp in time to save him, who was cut down by one of the dark elves. Qelline was held back from looking at the corpse of her young boy while Thorin began to take him away from the burning barn to be properly buried.
  • Taivas and Droop took a drow raider captive with them on their trip back to the Feywild, and Taman brought the Glass Staff into custody to await trial.



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