Swords of the Coast

Session #9 (2/8/15)

  • Shortly after Qelline discovered that her son was dead, she retreated back in hysterics. Merni asked Taman what was to be done with the Glass Staff, but before the conversation could truly start, several machinations erupted from the building, with Qelline at the head. The elderly gnome began turning the robots against the party in an attack.
  • Althaea and Merni tried to persuade Qelline to stop the attack, but she could not be convinced to stop. Thorin threatened to end her life if she continued.
  • The Glass Staff attempted to convince Merni to let him go so that he could assist, and then later share his arcane knowledge. The gnome wizard did not believe him, and found both the Glass Staff’s wizardry book and quarterstaff, and stored them both in his Bag of Holding.
  • The battle continued, and the evil wizard eventually broke free of his bonds and tried to tackle Merni to the ground, but failed. They were both knocked out: a robot KOed the gnome and Shamash snuck in and slashed at the Glass Staff.
  • Eventually Merni was revived with a potion and broke the Glass Staff‘s hands, and Qelline was KOed by one of Althaea’s arrows. While Taman ran over to the Glass Staff to revive him, Thorin rushed over to Qelline and decapitated her just as the Phandalin sheriff and his deputies arrived at the scene.



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