Swords of the Coast

Session #11

  • Cael falls back with the Town Master, the Albrek Glass Staff, and the rest of the fire rescued
  • Taman is kicking ass pretty much on his own
  • Sheriff doing OK with all his deputies
  • Merni determines that the moon moving is magic related can can only be done with a powerful spell forge (probably a Heart of Aurora, maybe even the one in Wave Echo Cave)
  • A larger 2nd wave of Drow approach
  • The Drow light more houses on fire
  • A 3rd and final wave of Drow attack (this time lead by a Drow Elite Warrior)
  • The Drow Elite Warrior is kicking ass but Merni freezes his move to 0 ft and he is grappled
  • Taivas take his Magical Drow Ring of Magic Missile
  • On the Drow Elite Warrior the party also find a key that is half Dwarvish and half Gnomish. Also a letter from the Black Spider stating the plans for their recent attack and nextly one at Waterdeep.
  • Then he is taken by Sister Garaele
  • She promises them that they will be handsomely rewarded.
  • She informs the party that Orcs have attacked Neverwinter and Goblins are ambushing on all the major roads
  • Then the moon shifts slightly and with Shamashs calculations the party determines that the shadow has moved southward near Waterdeep.



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