Galactic Federation of United Sectors

The Galactic Federation of United Sectors is the governmental entity formed by the Galactic Federation Triumvirate in the aftermath of the Second Imperial Civil War.

The GFUS is composed of the remnants of three factions, the Empire-in-exile, the Galactic Alliance Remnant, and the Jedi Order.

The Office of the Triumvirate is the combined aides, staff, and government organizations directly subordinate to the Galactic Federation Triumvirate. In this capacity, the Office serves as the executive branch of the Galactic Federation.
The Office of the Triumvirate is lead by the Triumvirate with the Chief of Staff serving as an administrative assistant. The Galactic Federation Advisory Council is the chief advising organ of the Office of the Triumvirate. Its members are made up of the heads of the military, various departments, and the Jedi Council. The Office includes the Galactic Federation bureaucracy such as the Ministry of State, Ministry of Justice/Department of Justice, and Galactic Federation Treasury, as well as military and security forces such as the Galactic Federation Defense Force and the Jedi Order.
Members of the Triumvirate would be elected by the Galactic Senate following a majority vote.

The main legislative body of the Galactic Federation is the Senate. The Senate is composed of representatives from all member worlds and states that compose the new government. The powers of the Senate are curbed under the new constitution by a series of checks and balances, namely increasing the powers of both the executive and the judiciary. Despite these changes, the Senate remains a powerful and important part of the government.

The judicial branch of the Galactic Federation government receives the greatest increase of power under the new constitution. The increase of judicial oversight and power is designed to help curb any legislative abuse or corruption, which was becoming increasingly common during the last years of the New Republic and the Galactic Alliance.

Galactic Federation of United Sectors

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